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    Failure to follow these rules will result in you being punished by the staff member who catches you. You can appeal any bans on our forums for other staff members to review and decide on. These rules apply to both Towny and Pixelmon

    Warning: The nether is marked as a danger zone, most of these rules DONT apply there. The only ones that do are the cheating, chat and exploiting rules. Keep inventory is off in the nether too.

    No Griefing
    • Do not grief any builds that are'nt yours, no matter what world they are in, leave them be.
    • Build at least 6 chunks (96 Blocks) away from any other builds or towns.
    • The main world is a purely building world. Only destroy the landscape to build your houses and towns. To gather resources go to /resource
    No Raiding
    • Again, if its not yours leave it be. Staff members can check all actions on blocks, chests, furnaces and everything else.
    • Unlocked chests are fair game. Take from them as long as you dont have to grief to get to them
    No Cheating
    • Do not use any kind of cheats or mods that can help you be better than everyone else, we have a list of allowed mods at the bottom of this page.
    • Dont exploit any bugs or glitches you find, report them immediately and you will be rewarded. Fail to report them and exploit them instead and you will be permanently banned.
    • Do not make any auto farms or AFK machines, these will give you an unfair advantage
    Be A Good Guy
    • Dont go around calling everyone names and just being a douche, its not good.
    • If you have an agreement with someone, honour it. Dont scam people in trades or sales.
    • If you want to PvP you have to ask, dont go around randomly killing people.
    • Dont make traps or TP traps to kill or steal from players.
    Dont Abuse Chat
    • Our chat is OUR chat, dont go on about other servers. Especially dont advertise them.
    • Dont spam chat or commands, its really annoying.
    • Dont use excessive caps.
    • Swearing is allowed just dont aim it towards people in a mean way.
    • Listen to what the staff are saying, if you ignore them you may end up getting banned.
    • Please speak only english in the main chats
    Towny Rules
    • If you join a town or nation all these rules above still count.
    • You may kick someone from your town after 1 week of inactivity and may remove their builds and items. If they dont come back after another 3 days, all their stuff can be kept by you.
    • You cannot demand that town member or mayors deposit money into your town or nation banks.
    Pixelmon Rules
    • Dont spam people with battles
    • If someones trying to catch a pokemon, dont steal it before they get it
    Shop Rules
    • When you rent a shop you must remember to keep the rent, If you dont rent it another player may take over the shop and keep all the items inside.
    • You are not allowed to rent shops only to loot the items inside, you must build a shop within a few days at the most.

    Allowed Mods
    • Optifine
    • Minimap Mods
    • Schematica
    • 5Zig
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Macros
    • Increased Gamma/Brightness
    • Shaders and Texture Packs
    • Just Enough Items/Not Enough Items
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