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    Thanks for keeping up your support of our server!
    A whole butt load of new stuff has been added to the server over the last few days! A breakdown of each new thing can be found below.
    We have also had a lot of people suggesting things, If you do have suggestions and ideas please post them on the forums. If you tell someone in game its likely to never happen, if its written down on here, we can see and it never goes away! Similarly if you have an issue, post it in the forums! When we are in game we likely have a lot to do.

    Yes! Pets are now a thing, you can go to the shop and buy your very own pet! These pets will follow you around and look adorable :)
    Anyone can buy a pet, regardless of your rank!

    More Ranks
    We have added a whole load of new ranks! This gives you more goals to work towards and more things to unlock!

    Certain ranks now have access to vaults. These are just like enderchests and can store items without having to leave them in your chests at your house.

    Custom Items
    Possibly the biggest update. Hostile mobs (excluding ones from spawners) now have a chance to drop one of our new custom items! These items will have random enchantments on them that quite often exceed the limits of regular enchanting! There are also new Enchant books, Runes and gems which can add special abilities to the items you find! Be on the lookout for repair shards, these special items will fully repair any item you have back to its maximum durability!

    Top Voters
    Starting at the end of this month, the top voters will recieve rewards! Remember, voting really does help the server a whole bunch! When you vote it gets our server higher on the lists and thus, more players will see it!
    Top Voter: $150,000 + Random Pet Voucher
    2nd Top Voter: $100,000
    3rd Top Voter: $50,000


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by BenRulez, Sep 11, 2018.